A Delivery Service Built By A Restaurant Owner For Restaurant Owners

DingDongToGo Deliveries has built a reputation on providing Independent Restaurants like yours a Delivery Solution without taking your profit out of the equation

We Actively Work With You To Return Delivery As A Profit Center

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Delivery Your Customers Will Love

Customers love our App & Website! We drive business to your menu through aggressive online advertising & Social Media

Customer Service As A Strategy

Believe it or not people like good customer service! And from a Local Team that is driven to make sure your food arrives to them as tasty and fast as possible

Free Restaurant Website

Why does DingDongToGo build its restaurant partners a beautiful FREE website with online pickup ordering? So we can be the delivery button and your preferred delivery partner!

A Path Back To Delivery Profits

Use our Strategy for Leveraging your current 3rd party delivery customers to drive business to your restaurant's website, where you are back in control. Taking back that up to 30% of your profits the National 3rd Party Apps have been funneling to themselves

Reclaim Your Google Listing

These 3rd party providers have wedged themselves comfortably between you and your online customers. Have you seen your Google listing Lately? We put you back in the drivers seat by working with you on your listing to point customers Searching for you back to you!

Keep Getting Doordash & UberEats Orders Without The Fees

We provide guided navigation through the shark infested waters otherwise known as the national delivery marketplaces. Cut the 3rd party commissions but keep getting orders from them....

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DingDongToGo Deliveries The Key To Your Restaurant's Catering Growth

Benefits of Using DingDongToGo Deliveries Catering Services

Increased revenue: DingDongToGo Deliveries can help you increase your revenue by providing you with access to a network of independent delivery drivers and additional exposure to potential customers.

Improved customer satisfaction: DingDongTogo Deliveries drivers are trained to set up your food to your brand’s specific expectations, ensuring that your customers are always satisfied with your catering orders.

Peace of mind: DingDongToGo Deliveries provides you with peace of mind by tracking each delivery and allowing you to see exactly where the delivery is in real time.

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While making sure your food is delivered professionally by DingDongToGo Locally Managed & Trained Catering Delivery Drivers

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Want to offer delivery directly out off your website or Toast POS online ordering? We are integrated with Toast. Just click on the consent form below and we will work with Toast to connect your Toast online ordering with our professionally trained drivers

Our Team Is Local

Our dispatch team is local to your restaurant and customers! Our communication is second to none. Even your Servers will like our Team! Feel free to chat with us on the free restaurant tablet we provide or give us a call any time.

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